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At the Rt. 516 Animal Hospital we understand the special bond that exists between people and their pets. Therefore, it is our mission to provide the highest quality veterinary care to our companion animals. We will strive to maintain a state of the art facility and provide modern medical, surgical and dental treatment. We pledge to employ a professional and compassionate health care team and offer the opportunity to expand their knowledge and capabilities. We will educate our clients about responsible pet ownership and preventative health care. We promise to do all this in a friendly environment, treating each patient and client with sincere concern and respect and all patients as if they were our own.

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  • Comprehensive Health Exams
  • House Calls
  • Laboratory
  • Digital Radiography
  • Ultrasound
  • Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Acupuncture
  • Laser Therapy
  • Microchipping
  • Pharmacy
  • Online Store
  • Medical Boarding
  • International Health Certificate
  • End of Life Care

The gradual onset of health problems in an apparently healthy pet often goes unnoticed. Once symptoms appear, the condition may be more difficult or costly to diagnose and treat. Although age itself is not a disease, it can bring many conditions that if diagnosed early can be completely reversed or controlled for extended periods of time. At least once and perhaps twice a year, your pet needs a complete physical examination. Remember, your pet’s lifespan is shorter than a person’s. A lot can happen in 12 months.

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At our hospital, we offer house calls for our loyal clients so we can take care of your pet in the stress-free, comfortable environment of your own home. Sometimes a pet doesn’t do well in a veterinary setting for a variety of reasons.

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Rt. 516 Animal Hospital is equipped with sophisticated instruments that allow us to measure many laboratory values. The most common laboratory tests are a CBC (Complete Blood Count) and a chemistry profile. These tests are crucial for evaluating the function of the liver, kidneys, red and white blood cells, as well as electrolyte balance. Routine blood tests can detect serious problems at an early stage. As a compliment to our regular laboratory services, our in-house diagnostic capabilities allow us to get results pre-surgically, or in an emergency, within minutes.

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Inherent to medicine is the necessity to “see inside the body.” Digital Radiography (x-ray) in veterinary hospitals, as in human hospitals, is a vital tool in the diagnosis of disorders and treatment of patients. With our on-site modern digital imaging computers, we are able to take high quality x-rays and are able to have your pets results right away, so you don’t have to wait.

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Ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging procedure that complements X-rays and allows us to better visualize internal organs in the chest and abdomen. This painless diagnostic technique is normally done without sedation of your pet. Ultrasound is invaluable for making treatment decisions for various types of heart disease. It also allows us to biopsy organs such as the liver, kidney and spleen through a tiny “keyhole” incision. Using the ultrasound image as a guide, major surgery is avoided and your pet can go home the same day.

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Our doctors perform most surgical procedures from spays and neuters to complicated intra-abdominal procedures. We take pride in our equipment and our modern patient monitoring systems. Prior to surgery, each patient receives a thorough physical examination to identify any existing medical conditions that might endanger your pet’s health.

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Routine dental exams and dental care are important in your pet’s oral health as well as your pet’s general health. If left unmanaged, tartar and plaque buildup in your pet’s mouth can cause gingivitis and periodontal disease and can send bacteria into the bloodstream and vital organs such as the kidneys, heart, lungs, liver and even the brain. Prevention is the key to caring for your pet’s oral health. Dental examinations should be performed every 6-12 months. Your pet’s teeth should be brushed daily and dental cleanings are performed as needed.

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Acupuncture is the stimulation of a specific point (acupoint) on the body with a fine, sterile needle which encourages the body to heal itself. Acupuncture is a very safe medical procedure when administered by a qualified practitioner. Over 95% of patients are comfortable with acupuncture therapy. The owner of our hospital, Dr. Gale Flanagan, is a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (CVA).

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Laser Therapy is a surgery-free, drug-free, noninvasive treatment to reduce pain, inflammation and speed healing. Laser Therapy uses a beam of laser light, through a handpiece, to deeply penetrate tissue without damaging it and treat the affected area. The laser energy induces a biological response in the cells called “photo-bio-modulation”.

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A pet microchip creates a forever bond between you and the pet you love. When you microchip your pet, you’ll give them the best chance of coming back home to you. A microchip for dogs & cats gives the best protection with permanent ID that can never be removed or become impossible to read.

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Pet owners have many options when purchasing medications for their pets. However, we can give you the best value and correct medical information when your pet needs medication. We have a very large inventory of veterinary medications and products in our pharmacy. This includes flea, tick and heartworm preventative products as well as medications for chronic conditions or short term problems like illness or recovery from surgery.

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Our hospital offers an online store that is exclusive to our clients. The store carries most flea, tick and heartworm preventative products. If your pet is on a prescription diet, most of these foods can be found on our online store.

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We offer boarding for our client’s pets on a reservation basis. It is best that you call to book the dates you need well in advance, especially during the holidays and for seasonal travel. Our hospital has separate areas for cats and dogs and different sized cages and runs. We can accommodate requests to keep […]

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If you are travelling overseas with your pet, you’ll need special paperwork. Dr. Marni Cohen-Horowitz has the National Accreditation to issue International Health Certificates for your dogs or cats. This process is very detailed and you’ll have to follow certain steps before coming to our office.

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The decision to euthanize your pet is never an easy one. We understand that there can be emotional difficulty that goes with this decision. For our loyal clients, we offer end of life care in the comfort of your home. Our doctors and technicians will provide your pet with expert care that is filled with compassion.

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What Clients Say

Very efficient and friendly staff. Service was excellent and done in a more than timely fashion with getting in the day after I called. They offer a multiple pet discount and also found out about their kennel services.

Lisa, 5/26/2017

We absolutely love Rt 516 Animal Hospital !!!! From day one they have been wonderful to our crazy, barking dog Bacon !!!! Dr. Cohen is such a sweet, loving doctor and Bacon adores her !!! The techs have always been nice to him especially Dawn !!! Bacon loves both of you so much !!!!! Thanks for always making our visit easy even when Bacon is not !

Jenn, 1/2/2017

I trust them unconditionally with my dogs. I have been with them for over 15 years, 4 dogs, and my family used them for years before I got my own animals. Top quality care, friendly, not rushed, and treat you like family. Hands down the best place for my pets!

Elaine, 11/11/2016

This is the best vet hospital around. Every single employee from the front desk, to the techs, to the vets are extremely professional and knowledgeable. From the second you walk in the door you know these people love animals by the way they care for them.

Cindy K., 10/20/2016

My family moved to NJ a few weeks ago and we pass Rt 516 Animal Hospital on our way home. Our puppy, Sophie, had an injury to her eye last night and my first reaction was to call Rt 516. The receptionist was amazing, she took all of our info quickly and efficiently, and the staff was ready for Sophie as my husband walked in. They told us their plan of treatment and then called us with follow up info as the evening went on. Dr. Flanigan was so caring and compassionate that she took our little girl home with her last night to make sure she was ok. I picked Sophie up this morning and was greeted by a wonderful front desk staff, and Nancy took the time to come out and speak with me since her dog had lost an eye as well. She reassured me, gave me kind words, and I know there were no better hands for our fur baby to be in. Thank you, Rt 516 Animal Hospital, you took amazing care of our girl and the personal touch exceeded anything we could have expected.

Jennifer R. 10/19/2016

I have been going here for over 10 years. Yesterday I had to put my cat down Star Baby. Dr. Lenton is hands down one of the most compassionate, lovely veterinarians I’ve ever met in my life. He made the transition very comforting even though our hearts will break and he was there. He accommodated us with everything that we needed. They will always be my vet there as long as Dr. Lenton is there.

Donna G. 10/7/2016

Our Viola, who has been a patient of Route 516 Animal Hospital for all of her life, turned 17 on May 22!!! Thank you Route 516 Animal Hospital for taking such good care of our girl! We have been bringing our cats to Dr. Flanagan and her crew for 18+ years – ever since they were in the basement of an office building :-). I recommend them whole-heartedly. Our personal experiences have been with Dr. Flanagan, Dr. Cohen, Dr. Cummings and we are very satisfied with them all – as well as the reception folks (Katie et al), and the Tech staff – especially Renee.

Dennis 5-23-16

Great, caring veterinary service here…everytime! Very caring staff. You can tell they really care about our pets..which is so important to me. Friendly front desk staff that put the extra effort in to make nervous pets feel welcomed when they walk in.

Darlene 5-22-16

Best vet we ever been to all the doctors are caring avid professional they treat your pet like their own.

Dominic 5/6/16

Our dogs have been patients here for over 14 years, from a brand new lab puppy who lived to almost 13 to a sassy Cavalier King Charles who also lived a long life, to their “sibling”, an adopted yellow lab mix, I can’t say enough. From spay/neuter surgery, to surgery for an ear “blistery thing” to dentals where lots of teeth need to be pulled and acupuncture to try to help alleviate back/hip pain, to when we all knew it was “time”, the doctors, receptionists and tech staff have only been kind, compassionate and caring for us and our dogs. Thank you.

Kathy 4/9/2016

This is the best office and greatest vets I have ever dealt with.

Michele 3/26/16

I have 3 dachshunds that I take here for everything. The whole staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. The place is always clean.

Crissy 3/7/16

My dog wasn’t even a patient at Rt 516 animal hospital but from now on he definitely will be. He couldn’t breathe and I just got in the car and drove to the nearest animal hosptial because I didn’t think he would make it to our vet all the way in manalapan. We were seen immediately and the staff and doctors were so wonderful. They were able to help him. He needed to be sedated and have x-rays and was sent home with medication. I was preparing myself for a $1000+ bill but my husband and I were shocked at how reasonable they were for an emergency like that. We paid $375 and was worth it.”

Jackie 2/15/16


Great place! They helped save my puppy’s life that was unfit for sale and had parvovirus. Thanks for everything!”

Mike 2/2/16


What Our Clients Say